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With My Compliments Cards

With My Compliments Cards

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Flatter (and/or offend) your family, friends and colleagues with these unique compliment cards. These make a hilarious gift for any occasion - give them to someone you like, love or can't decide on just yet...

Each set features 200 unique compliment and back-handed compliment cards (100 of each) to hand out - each with a lined back to include an additional message (if you are into that sort of thing). You have the option to use these cards as-is or make them your own - hand craft your own special (or back-handed) compliment to share!


  • 200 compliment cards per box
  • Compliments: White paper cards
  • Back-handed Compliments: Black paper cards

Dimensions: 1.75" x 4"
Giftable Box

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